Girma Tewolde (Computer Engineering)

  • Embedded Systems: Digital Systems, FPGA, Microprocessors/Microcontrollers
  • Evolutionary Computation: Performance enhancement & Hardware Implementation
  • Mobile Robotics




Jaerock Kwon (Computer Engineering)

Jaerock Kwon is an associate professor. His research interests are as follows.

  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Neural Networks/Neuroevolution/Neuroinformatics
  • Computational Neuroanatomy/Neuroscience
  • Embedded Application Platform/Embedded System Software
  • Sensorimotor Learning/Temporal aspects of brain function
  • Mobile Application Development

He receives his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Texas A&M University and his MS and BS in Electronic Communication Engineering from Hanyang University.

Current Students

Graduate Students

  • Shobit Sharma
  • Mohamed Fasil Syed Ahamed

Past Students

Graduate Students

  • Li Dang (~2017)
  • Nishanth Sriramoju (~2016)
  • Amaradi Venkata Naga Sai Phanindra (~2016)
  • Seokju Lee (~2015)
  • Joingil Lim (~2015)

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